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Трансферы в Национальный аэропорт Минск, по Беларуси и Европе

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Fixed price on the transfer to the National Airport Minsk-2
  • with 24/7 availability;
  • delivery to the airport and meeting at the airport;
  • from and to any destination point within Minsk city.
You will be met with a nameplate. The help with your luggage is also provided.
Payments through a teller terminal and online on our site are possible.
All cars are of 2019-2020 years, bought in Minsk automobile dealerships.
Free Wi-Fi
The drivers speak foreign languages

Transfers to the airport

Airbus flight is among the fastest modes of transport and is of high demand. However, flight itself is not a transport mode of reaching a final destination. One may spend several hours at the airport in search of a taxi or transfer in order to get to a hotel or home.

Rentauto company deals with such problems fast and to high standards.

We provide the following services:

  • a taxi to the airport Minsk 2
  • a taxi from the airport Minsk 2
  • a roundtrip transfer
  • transfers across Belarus.

We have the most contemporary and presentable car park with the cars of 2013-2014 years. We offer comfortable cars of different classes:

Advantages of ordering a roundtrip transfer

  1. Time saving. You know precisely when the taxi comes to the airport. In case of ordering the taxi to the airport Minsk 2, one should take into account a way time (40-60 minutes) and 2 hours for checking in.
  2. Our drivers are tactful high class professionals. They will help with a luggage loading and carrying, if necessary.
  3. There will be no need for You to search for a parking lot and means of transportation.
  4. If you come to the airport from the flight, you will be met with a nameplate at the entrance. If you are a guest and don’t know Russian or Belarusian, the information will be written in English. We will provide you with the driver who speaks foreign languages and will drive you to a hotel or to a necessary address.

Payment means for a transfer to the airport

We accept all payment means:

  • non-cash payment
  • cash payment
  • bank card
  • online order.

It is possible to choose different transfer dates from and to the airport accordingly in advance.

If you want to have a good holiday without thinking of how to plan your transfer to and from the airport, order it in our company.

If you want to present you company to the best advantage and enhance the prestige, order business and vip class cars in Renauto company.

If you need a transfer across Belarus for a group or a company of friends, contact us.