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Our company offers a partnership to hotels, restaurants, tourist companies, aviabooking companies and everyone, interested in passenger transportation on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. We offer several partnership variants:

How to become acquainted with the price list and agreement terms?

You need to call us or send us a letter to our e-mail In the letter You should state, what kind of services You are interested in. In response, we will send you a standard sample with a current price list, our accreditation certificate and license. Having familiarized Yourself with the agreement, You may correct it, if Your organization needs it, after negotiating it with us.

How is the payment for the work performed made?

On completion of a month, our organization renders an invoice and a report of completion. Having checked the sum out, You pay for our service. At the wish of the client, we offer a record of passenger transportation in which the date, itinerary, the name of the client and the price are stated.

How is the car ordering process carried out?

An order on a car with a driver may be sent in any form to our e-mail:

According to what timetable are the orders received?

Preliminary applications, sent to our e-mail are received during working hours:
Mon. - Thu., from 08:30 to 17:30; Fri., from 08:30 to 16:30, no dinner-hour. In other time during working days and also at the weekends and holidays, please call our customer service:
GSM: +375 29 6 577 212
GSM: +375 29 7 577 212

In case You don’t have time or possibility to send an application to our e-mail, You can dial our office phone numbers:
Phone number/Fax +375 17 207 3773
Phone number +375 17 207 3927
GSM: +375 29 6 577 212
GSM: +375 29 7 577 212
GSM: +375 25 6 577 2

What kind of cars and how many can I order?

Our organization provides any number of cars of any brands and classes the client needs. We have the experience of providing service to the events of up to 5 000 people. Our company provided service to all VIP clients during 2014 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships. We have the experience of providing service to summits, forums, conferences and exhibitions of all levels.

Can I pay in foreign currency?

Our company accepts payments in Belarusian and Russian rubles, USA dollars and Euro.

Do we work with foreign companies?

We make foreign-trade agreements with foreign companies.

Can I order a ride to another Belarusian city for several days?

We provide the rides to any Belarusian city for any number of days. In this case, the client also pays for a driver’s accommodations.
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